Superior Coin has updated its blockchain technology in regards to new ASIC resistance and dynamic block rewards, which goes into effect April 10th 2018.

The company aims to keep up with the latest technology, and support the mining community that helps to power it’s successful blockchain.

According to Nathan Senn, Superior Coin CTO and Michael Senn CEO these completed developments help protect current miners, and are aligned closely with the community’s feedback, and are inline with the strategic vision of the company.

ASIC are dedicated computer chips that are manufactured just for cryptocurrency, and for cryptocurrency mining operations. This hardware can have negative implications to community based projects, and limit the amount of rewards to the average person.

By Superior Coin upgrading and improving the blockchain the community will further benefit from the new technology, and provide more value to the community as a whole.

Over the past 6 months SuperiorCoin has continued to work on different aspects of the technology, creating and deploying different tools and services associated with the widespread use SuperiorCoin was designed for.

As new technologies around the world are developed with the hardware industry associated with cryptocurrency mining the companies dedication to the users, and the average miner are paramount to the future of this blockchain, and the community that surrounds it.

Superior Coin is a secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency.

Unlike many crypto currencies that are derivatives of Bitcoin, Superior Coin is based on the CryptoNote protocol and possesses significant algorithmic differences relating to blockchain obfuscation. If you would like to learn more about Superior Coin you can visit their main website at


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