Today’s Q & A covered allot of topics and here is the areas of the the hard fork referred too.

Allot of hard work and effort has gone into ensuring the superior coin community has the latest updates from Monero and our own Time based dynamic block rewards.

SuperiorCoin software Hard Fork network update, is due April 10th, which in turn increases the minimum ring signature size, sorts inputs so as not to leak wallet choice by inference, slightly changes the proof-of-work algorithm to prevent DoS attacks by ASICs and changes to a time based dynamic block reward.

Note that this is a scheduled and consensual network upgrade. Thus, unlike the BCH / BTC split, a new coin won’t be created.

  • Time based dynamic block rewards
  • Tweaked PoW to block DoS attacks from ASICs
  • Added input ordering to prevent wallet inference
  • Increased minimum ring size from 5 to 7
  • Subaddress support added
  • Added multisig support
  • Added support for SunOS / Solaris
  • Initial support for Ledger Nano S hardware wallet
  • Added seed encryption by password
  • Securely erase keys from memory, for most cases, when no longer in use
  • Initial Bulletproofs implementation live on testnet
  • Added accounts, tags, and labels, via subaddresses
  • Added initial, quite rough support for 0MQ
  • Added some mitigations for privacy-threatening key reusing forks
  • Added a new network, stagenet, which mirrors mainnet’s features
  • Added SSL support for light wallet API
  • Added CORS support to the RPC stack
  • Added a –generate-from-spend-key flag to the CLI wallet
  • Added a –disable-dns-checkpoints flag to the daemon
  • Massive improvements to build hardening
  • Added native fuzz testing for user input
  • Added the ability to limit inbound connections
  • Enabled “fluffy blocks” by default
  • Added a –max-txpool-size mempool size limit flag
  • Allow a remote node to temporarily process RPC requests during IBD
  • Added a relay_tx command to the RPC wallet
  • Allow for spend key retrieval via RPC wallet call
  • Made libraries use position independent code
  • Improvements made to Docker image
  • Added a sweep_single command to the CLI wallet
  • Made RPC error codes more specific
  • Improved stack trace printing, and noted stack trace lib in output
  • Split and refactored wallet_api from wallet code
  • Added priority arguments to sweep_all and donate CLI wallet commands
  • Added a –do-not-relay option to the CLI wallet
  • Made the hashchain unit tests work again
  • Added tests for subaddress expansion
  • Added RingCT performance tests
  • Added package installation instructions for Void Linux
  • Made changes to ensure no sensitive data is logged accidentally
  • Added a Croatian mnemonic word list
  • Added a Lojban mnemonic word list
  • Added a Swedish CLI translation
  • Added a timeout for connections which don’t complete a handshake
  • Moved test building to the end of the CMake build process
  • As always, loads of bug fixes and performance improvements

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    • rubelynmacion

      This is a great news.. thank you for this opportunity. I have been in this community for quite sometime now. Never a day that will pass without doing any task. Part of my everyday routine.

    • Daisy rose tampus

      Good day sir. I’ve learned a lot from both of you during the steem summit. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you next time in our summit.

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